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Tree Care Tips

  • To avoid malnutrition, be sure to give your trees an adequate amount of micronutrients, such as magnesium sulfate, limestone, gypsum, iron, and zinc. However, trees need very limited amounts of these compounds, and an overabundance can be harmful. Have a certified arborist advise you on the correct amounts of each you should provide.
  • Frost damage can be prevented if your tree's leaves stay hydrated during a period of severe cold. Additionally, frequent watering and fertilization in anticipation of a cold night can also "harden" the cells of certain plants.
  • Borer insects are very hard to anticipate or eliminate. The best defense is simply maintaining your tree's general health so it can bounce back if it does develop an infestation.
  • Overwatering or poor drainage can cause root rot in your trees. Fungicides or manganese treatments can be effective as treatments or preventative measures.
  • The droppings of Evergreen inner needles, in the fall, is a normal fall process. As long as the most recent 2-3 years of needles are not dropping, the trees are doing as nature intended. If the outer needles start to drop, or discolor, call an arborist because a problem may exist.
  • Before purchasing a new home, we recommend calling a Certified Arborist for a tree and shrub inspection. Large neglected trees can be hazardous, especially when close to structures and pedestrian areas. We can do a complete health and safety assessment of the trees on your future property. This could potentially save you thousands.
  • Improper planting is one of the most common tree problems in today's landscapes. Trees should be planted with the root flare just above grade. Removal of the burlap and basket at least half way down ball, is recommended to assure that the tree is planted at the proper height. Occasionally soil has to be taken off the top of the tree ball, to get the soil down to the root flare.